In the second half of the 1800′s, a noblewoman called Reginella, on having travelled the world decided to settle where she believed paradise on earth to be. She chose a delightful Mediterranean house, located in the heart of Positano, where the Hotel Reginella now stands.

The beauty of this woman captured painters and poets, who after seeing her, would dedicate her poems and songs that spoke of love…

At the start of the 60′s, a young sea captain from Sorrento, Giovanni Maresca had the idea of giving life to “Casa Reginella”, a small and delightful guest-house with the name inspired by the memory of the famous woman who once lived there.

During over 50 years of activity, the guest-house became a small and fascinating hotel, esteemed for its splendid view of the gulf of Positano and the atmosphere and cordiality of the Maresca family, who still runs it today.

Many personalities and famous artists looking for a familiar and friendly atmosphere, spent their holidays here. Amongst which, we remember a leading figure in the cultural scene, famous neo-cubist painter Ibrahim Kodra who for decades frequented Positano and the Hotel Reginella.

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